Recognising women
in financial advice

The AFA Female Excellence in Advice Award is a joint initiative
of the Association of Financial Advisers and TAL.

Established in 2011, the Award recognises women in financial
advice who are making a significant contribution to their profession, their community
and their clients.

The Award promotes positive change in the financial advice sector, encouraging more women to enter the industry and to take leadership roles. Importantly, it aims to give choice to Australians when it comes to getting financial advice. With more women in the industry and a better representation of women in senior roles in financial advice, we hope to address the challenges experienced by Australian women when it comes to seeking advice, being adequately resourced for retirement and obtaining insurance.

Nominations for the 2016 Award will open on 9 May.

Meet the 2015 finalists

Kate McCallum

Standing out from the crowd

We had three standout finalists this year – Sharon Walker, Esther Althaus and Trisha Peters. The final stage of the judging process offered the finalists an opportunity to present to the judging panel about themselves, their business, their achievements and community involvement and views on mentoring, education, gender diversity and future vision. All finalists showed passion, dedication and a real understanding of the value that female leadership can offer our industry.

Meet the 2015 finalists

Thanks to the award supporters