The Award

A joint initiative of the AFA and TAL, the Female Excellence in Advice Award was established to:

  • encourage greater participation by females in leadership roles within financial advice
  • encourage more females to choose a career in financial advice
  • balance the gender equation in our industry
  • provide clients with more choice when obtaining advice, and
  • take a strategic first step towards addressing the issues of female under-insurance and generally low levels of women's superannuation savings.

The Prize

The Winner of the Award will receive a $15,000 tailored education package, courtesy of TAL. TAL & AFA will work with the Winner to tailor the package to the winner’s requirements in furthering their professional development.


A female financial adviser with:

1. A passion and commitment to professionalism, to their clients, to great advice and to the advice profession;
2. A passion and commitment or delivering an exceptional customer experience 
3. A demonstrated focus, above and beyond their day to day, on increasing female involvement in financial advice. For example: 
a) mentoring females in financial services or business; and/or
b) Working to improve female financial literacy through events or community programs etc.
c) Empowering more females to have more clarity and confidence in managing their financial wellbeing

A female financial adviser is eligible for the Award if they:

1. Are currently an authorised financial adviser whose primary activity is advising clients;
2. Have been a financial adviser for at least five years
3. Are not an employee (or related to an employee) of the Association of Financial Advisers of Australia, TAL and
4. Has not been an award finalist for the last two consecutive years.

The Process

Stage 1: Nominations

Any individual can nominate a female financial adviser for the award by completing the online nomination form. Once the completed online nomination form is received we will contact the female financial adviser and ask them to accept their nomination and opt to participate in the Award by completing an online Application form. Financial advisers can also self-nominate by completing the online Application form.

Stage 2: Applications reviewed

Once all applications have been received, the judges will review submissions and short-list the most outstanding candidates against the judging criteria as semi-finalists. If you are successful you will be advised that you are through to the next stage, unsuccessful nominees will also be notified.(by email)

Stage 3: Judges feedback

Unsuccessful Award applicants, those who do not make it through to the Semi-finalist stage, will have the option of receiving feedback on their application from one of the Judges (via phone).

Stage 4: Semi-finalist phone interviews

Phone interviews are conducted by the judges with all semi-finalists. The answers and feedback will be tabled at the judges’ meeting and the finalists decided. Successful finalists will be notified, as will unsuccessful semi-finalists.

Stage 5: Finalist interviews

The finalists will be brought to Sydney for a full day event that includes a face-to-face interview with the judging panel.

Stage 6: Winner determined

The winner will be announced at the AFA Annual Conference.